Chengjie Zhang

PhD student

Tel: +86-532-58632496

Date of birth: November 1991

Hometown: Shanxi, China

Degree: Master TEL: 17862919273


Education Course:

2015/09-2018/06 Bioengineering, Shandong University (Master)

2011/09-2015/06 Biology Science, Shanxi Agricultural University (Bachelor)

Professional Experience:

2020/12-2022/08: Research Assistant, Shandong University(Qingdao), Shandong, China

2019/08-2020/10 Researcher, Suzhou Lead Biotechnology Co. Ltd., Jiangsu, China

2018/07-2019/07 Researcher, Shandong Hantai Biotechnology Co. Ltd., Shandong, China

Research Direction:

Mainly in developments of new medicine, enzyme engineering, natural secondary metabolites.

Self Assessment:

Be greatly interested in research work, have a strong sense of team spirit and responsibility, willingly bear the burden of hard works